Anonymous said: Dear Rarity, I'm a mare who has a crush on another mare. She's very kind and funny, and is often surrounded by friends/admirers--but I can't seem to work up the courage to talk with her or ask her out! (She herself is also lesbian.) How can I brace myself to talk to her, and how can I ask her out? Thank you!

Well, for starters, it’s a good thing you already know her sexuality! That’s often the hardest hurdle to overcome. Now you just need to confess your feelings, which is something everyone has to face at some point in their life, so don’t worry too much about it.

Firstly, you should make sure you have a stable friendship with her, of some sort at least. You should at least be at the point of exchanging casual conversations before you think about asking someone out. It can be quite nerve-wracking to be asked out by a distant admirer. (Honestly, it happens to me all the time and I’m never quite sure what to do about it.)

Second, I think being honest is the most important part. Tell her how you really feel. Tell her you want to try dating. And even offer to at least take her to dinner. One of the nice things about your relationship is you won’t have to worry about any sort of “rules” about who is sort of in charge—wears the horseshoes, as we say—and so offering to buy her dinner isn’t intimidating as it would be if I were to do it to a colt. (Though honestly, any stallion who won’t buy his mare dinner is not a stallion I’m interested in.)

Talking to another pony is not as hard as it sounds, I promise. You just say, “Hello.” Ask them how their day is going. Compliment their clothing. That’s my favorite way to start a conversation. “I love your dress. Where did you get it? Oh, how darling, you know I own a shop that sells dresses and I think you might be interested—”

Oh, but I’m getting distracted. When I talk to mares and colts I’m usually selling something. But honestly, compliments are a great way to start a conversation, to find out what they’re interested in and find something the two of you have in common to talk about. Everyone loves hearing a compliment, at least the ones given out of honesty and kindness.

I hope this helps you, darling. Best of luck~

Anonymous said: Hello Rarity! It happens that I have a crush on a professor of mine, he is really popular, with lots of friends, most of the times really beautiful, popular mares, adjectives that I am not, definitely. I always work hard for high grades that I usually get (with lots of effort, but I do) on his subject, but I don't feel I am doing enough, I am his friend and we chat about lots of things when we can but I still feel I won't get noticed if I am not pretty. What is your opinion? TYSM! <3

Oh, hon, having a crush on a professor is never easy.

I think firstly, for your own health, you should not compare yourself to other girls in appearance. Beauty isn’t a competition, it’s a lifestyle, and its core is confidence. You have to be beautiful in your own way and know that you’re firstly yourself, and that will help you find your own personal beauty.

If he’s a very popular professor, chances are he is quite used to mares flirting with him and, if he’s any good at his job, he chooses to ignore it. There are a lot of reasons a professor and a student should not be romantically involved, but if you’re serious about it, keep up your relationship with him after the class is over and get to know him outside the subject. But I highly recommend waiting until you are no longer his student, because until the two of you can interact as equals, you can’t have a stable relationship.

Anonymous said: To the Mod: Why Rarity?

Hm, not sure I’ve ever done a mod post on this blog, so, well, here goes?

Firstly, this is technically a fashion advice blog, so who better to give fashion advice than Rarity?

Secondly, I love Rarity the most because of all the ponies, she embraces her femininity in a way I don’t see in media anywhere else. Rarity is fabulous, confident, creative, and stylish. But she’s not proud or rude or self-centered. I was stunned to learn that her element was generosity because that is so against the normal trope of characters like her.

And it just evolved from there I guess. I hope that answers your question.

Anonymous said: What is your definition of love?

Oh, my, darling, this is such a heavy question, and one that’s been debated for centuries. I hardly imagine I can do it justice in a few short words, but I’ll do my best~

Simply, love is caring about someone other than yourself. Caring about their well-being, their happiness. And the deepest form of love is when you put that person’s life above your own, so much to the point of sacrificing yourself so someone else could be happy.

Is that sufficient enough?

Pink Sweaters | From Sheinside

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Shinoda Mariko in LOVE MARY Dresses

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It’s a dream come true for anyone who has ever spent an evening at the Renaissance Faire wishing that they could wear the pretty dresses AND the awesome armor. We utterly love this fashion spread from designer Pinkabsinthe.

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Suneet Varma, The Golden Bracelet- India Bridal Fashion Week 2013

I could marry an Indian prince if I got to wear these~

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Anonymous said: Dear Rarity, for a long time I've considered myself a tomboy and dressed accordingly, thinking that it I dressed more masculinely I would look more professional. However, lately I've come to realize that I prefer cute things/a more femininely-professional touch, depending upon the context. Which would be fine...but I'm very petite and look rather childish already to most people. How do I gain the confidence to wear what I like and get taken seriously? Thank you!

Gaining confidence is something you have to find for yourself, and don’t be discouraged if it takes you a long time! It can be difficult to get comfortable with who you are. But practice loving yourself. Even if it means looking in the mirror and saying, “I look fabulous,” even when you don’t feel like it. Make being proud of what you look like a habit, and it will become a reality.

For mares who struggle with childish appearances, there are several good options.

  • Wear clothes that highlight your breasts. If you have small breasts, I encourage you to wear scoop-necks. Not that you have to show off cleavage if that makes you uncomfortable, but feminine clothing often has lower necklines than masculine clothing so it can enhance your femininity.
  • Heels. Darling, I positively love a good pair of heels. They make me feel so powerful and fashionable. Heels come in all different heights so find one that feels comfortable for you.
  • Make-up. Wearing make-up always makes you look older. And you don’t need to cake it on to age yourself. Go to a store, get your skin tone matched, talk to the cosmetologists there, especially if you’re unfamiliar with make-up. They’d be happy to help you, I’m sure.
  • Pencil skirts are wonderfully professional and feminine. Find a length that suits you and your work place.
  • Spend time styling your hair into something fashionable, feminine, and grown-up.
  • Use feminine color combinations. Men will generally dress in blacks, navy, and brown. Bo-ring. Ladies’ business wear comes in all sorts of shades, from pink to periwinkle. Find a color that suits your skin and your personality and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
  • Speaking of accessorize, buy lots of jewelry! Earrings are a good way to look fashionable and professional. So are necklaces and bracelets and rings. Obviously you wouldn’t want to wear anything to gaudy or too childish, but there are plenty of options for workplace appropriate jewelry.

I hope this helps, darling~ Please feel free to ask me more if you need more help!


Court train, 1800’s
From the Royal Armory and Hallwyll Museum